The beginning

CheersThis moment has been a long time coming…it’s difficult to say how long. Maybe since I arrived in Tasmania for my first vintage in 1994, maybe from earlier vintages in France, maybe even from my first wine job as a 20 year old cellar rat when I was first shown the magic inside a truly great bottle of wine. The truth is, many of the significant moments in my adult life have been marked by great wine; from places like this, from people with the same dreams as me. My hope is that one day, others will connect important moments in their life with a bottle of wine they once drank from here, from me, from my dream.


  1. James Norris says:

    Indeed, your dream. You seemed destined for this ever since I knew you at Peatlings (sorry, did I mention Peatlings?!?). I understood it, wished for it, but couldn’t commit to it. But you did, and here you are. Fantastic. Am feeling jealous, and wish you all the very best. James

  2. Everybody dreams a dream but how many can make their dreams come true……
    Well done and good luck with your journey. I look forward to tasting a fine red. Ashley

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