As if 4,000 vines weren’t enough…

As if 4000 vines weren't enough...I have always felt that a project like this must be more than just vines (shock horror!) and that the whole property must have a wow factor.  So with this in mind, and it having been hours since we planted anything, the poplar trees were planted last year, (see out of the nursery) on the south side of the vineyard.  The north side, where the entrance drive will eventually be, requires something shorter; tall enough to provide a wind break but not shading.  Not wanting to waste an opportunity to produce something useful, we have decided on an avenue of various nuts and olives.  Almonds are in, as are some hazelnuts.  Ironically, (as this property was originally destined to be an olive farm,) I have no olives at the moment so they will have to wait.

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  1. So many plants, so few hours in a day !

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