Spreading the Word

Matt looking cccccool
Matt looking cccccool

Although this journey is still very much in the early stage, it appears the news is spreading far and wide, with readers not only from around Australia, but also in  New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Spain, Italy, Sweden, UK, Ireland, Canada, USA and Chile.  Spread the word everyone and let’s see if we can cover the globe.

Thanks must go to the Tasmanian Government for supporting the Digital Ready program, designed to assist small Tasmanian businesses grow their online presence.  Special thanks though for all the help from Matt Mercier of Grafik Design, pictured here when we visited the future vineyard together, learning that “cool climate viticulture” means just what it says!

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  1. Lee says:

    Ah love a field day ! Certainly see why Tasmania is so good at concentrating flavour when we have this type of growing conditions 🙂 A good frost always has rewards.

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