Cutting Comments

Now I have a clearer idea of the mix of varieties and clones I will need and with the callousing boxes all set up at Killiekrankie Nursery, it just remains to motivate the team and start taking the cuttings.  Two days of corned beef sandwiches and coffee later, we have taken around 4,200 cuttings of 2 clones of chardonnay and one of pinot noir.  Next week will be the first of the “lesser” permitted Champagne varieties, pinot blanc.  Hope the hands heal up before then!


  1. Lee says:

    Think of every vine we cut as a bottle of wine and the pain just goes away !

  2. taswineicons says:

    Think of it as 2 bottles per year and that adds up to a case every 6 years. LET ME AT THEM!

    1. James Norris says:

      ah, the romance of owning a vineyard – pass the bottle!! 🙂

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