Ready and Waiting

Everything is ready for the arrival of the first cuttings. Lee and Chris (shown here with poly tunnel, planting boxes and dirt at the ready) will be callousing them at their Killiecrankie nursery just around the corner at Glengarry. Now all we need is to take the cuttings, starting this week, and atempt to avoid severe rsi in the process. I will talk about variety and clonal choices in a later blog but, needless to say, the decision process has been long and involved.



  1. Lee says:

    Vines all snug as a bug in a tub o dirt 🙂 Now the waiting game for callous is upon us – can’t wait to see the first nodule on the stem !

    1. taswineicons says:

      That is fantastic Lee. Also waiting to hear on the availability of some particularly good pinot meunier. If that happens, then it’s 5 down, 2 to go.

  2. James Norris says:

    can’t wait to taste the result over here in the UK – meanwhile, some of the local Sussex produce awaits… though I am told there’s some quite good stuff the other side of the Channel. James

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