Music to my ears. Latest soil tests even better than hoped

Soil analysis charts


Soil results have finally turned up (click the link above) and were definitely worth waiting for.  Incredibly, all measurements are within the acceptable range with no recommended adjustments.  I was particularly keen to see the calcium:magnesium ratio at 5.5:1 which, while considered a little high for ground crops, is perfect for grapes and should ultimately assist with good skin structure and phenolics.  Very excited now at the prospect of planting late this year.


    1. Thanks for the comment Lee. In fact pH is around 6.5 so right on the money for me. One of the things that attracted me to the site was neutral soils and no history of agriculture other than grazing pasture and some thoughts on an olive grove by a previous owner.

  1. You should pre sell the first vintage 500 doz at $30 +$180,000
    Put me down for a 6 pack and send the invoice! Good luck with it.
    David CC

    1. Thanks David. I’ll hold you to that a little closer to the time, which is going to be at least 7 years away. Might be a little unfair to send that invoice now. However, you are now registered as no.1 in the Guanxi Club, something, I hope, which may be of value one day. Cheers

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